A Black Jumpsuit

July 13, 2018

Well hello there – again. I hope you are doing well. So, I graduated in April, but have only managed to create this post now. It’s less about graduation and more about the beauty of a simple jumpsuit – that also happens to be black.

Let me tell you, this jumpsuit is the most comfortable thing I have ever worn on my body. The material is breathable and lightweight, but black enough to not be see-through. It’s also a cool-but-warm weather wearing item of clothing because of the breathability, but also because it has three quarter sleeves so it kept me warm enough (my body radiates heat most of the time, so something light like this, that still has good coverage, works perfectly for me). I personally love the neckline: it’s as if off-the-shoulder and boat-neck had a style baby and this is the result. I wore this to my graduation because 1) I’m not really a dress person and 2) I had to be on a stage and felt it would be a better option than a dress. I actually struggled a bit in finding something to wear, but thank goodness for Spree! Also, I did the thing (you know, the thang) with my hair and makeup and wanted to focus on the fact that my face was looking great, lol.

[easy-image-collage id=917]

[easy-image-collage id=918]

Of course, these pictures are a recreation of the look because I was rather busy on the day, as I’m sure you can imagine, so I had to take photographs of the look at a later date. I added a belt for this shoot too, because I wanted to show that for people who have a different shape than mine it’s easy to ‘create’ a waist. By adding a belt to your mid-section or the smallest part of your waist, you automatically create the illusion of a certain shape because you draw an onlookers attention to whichever part you emphasize.

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[easy-image-collage id=920]

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you enjoy the look.

Until next time.
Much self-love,

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Outfit details:

Jumpsuit // Spree (affordable option here and here, more expensive option here)

Jacket // Foschini

Heels // Studio W at Woolworths

Bag for shoot // Miniso at Cape Gate

Earrings // Lovisa Jewelry

Photography // Charis Davey

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  1. You did that with tgis jumpsuit. Created a glam AND comfy outfit, i thought glam comfort was an oxymoron all along. And, yes, it’s the same one i have!

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