About Me

Hi there beautiful human. Welcome to courtneymorgan, and more specifically, to the ‘about me’ page. Let me share a little bit about myself with you:


I released this blog in my honours year (2017), during my mid-year mandatory break, on a random day of the week and without any ‘build up’ or telling anybody I was going to do it. When I actually created this blog, however, was the year prior; I hadn’t been accepted into my final year at that point so I worked for the year. My interest in makeup and photography began to grow (particularly film photography), because I had a lot of time to myself. I’m grateful for having had that time because I figured a lot of things out and realized that I really wanted to work on the side of me that is creative.

Why create a blog then?

Well, quite simply because it’s fun!
So back in my first year of studies I had a pretty poor self-esteem (edit: it’s a work in progress) and at the same time plus fashion and influencers were on the rise in social media. Once I noticed this I started following a load of them, checking what they would wear/how. It really challenged the idea I grew up with of how bigger girls “should” dress and I honestly felt so empowered, as I feel every body should. Side note: why do we even get indoctrinated with these negative ways of thinking anyway?!

I feel this platform is the perfect place for me to express who I am, in a style that only I can choose, whenever I want. It’s freedom! And I’m so excited to put myself out here, for myself (and possibly some others) to see. Honestly the biggest thing for me is to push myself to put things out here that sometimes make me uncomfortable, or something I might question about putting out, like whether I look good enough or not. Because of course I do! Fake it till you make it, right? This may sound weird, I know, but by doing this I feel confident and proud of myself because I’ve purposefully gone out of my comfort zone.

Plus size fashion is definitely something which I will focus a lot of my energy on, however I love makeup, photography and food too! And self-love!! This is something which will never not be important! I also dream of traveling at some point in my life, so I would really love to incorporate that aspect into this page.

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about this page and the motivation behind it! Check out some of my posts while you’re here.