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December 7, 2018

Friends. I hope you are well! I must say that I have been loving my skin care routine of late, and that is because I have finally found one that works really well for me. I’m told that my skin is combination; I often notice that my skin becomes quite dry during winter months – for obvious reasons – and that during summer I get rather oily, and still a bit dry. I’ve never really used one single skin care brand for my skin, and I am not in a position to use high end brands that I may or may not love. I’m assuming if you’re reading this, that neither are you. There’s nothing wrong with this. Also, I don’t believe that you need to use expensive products to keep your skin happy, you just need to understand it.

So, to get into it, I bought myself the Neutrogena Hydro Boost range (not all of it) as I’d heard good things, both through social media and then also through a few DM’s on the gram. Hyaluronic acid is said to be incredibly good for hydrating the skin, and that was essentially the selling point of this range for me. I felt like my skin was very dry and just generally quite unhappy with me. This range helps give some bounce back to the skin.

You might say that they had me at “hyaluronic acid”…

I’ve been using the products for a little over two months now and I’m sold! I absolutely love the three products I use in my overall routine, which I will now share with you. PS: this past weekend I just repurchased the water gel face cream because mine finished.

The products I currently have in my skincare arsenal include:

  • Neutrogena HB water gel cleanser
  • Neutrogena HB smoothing gel exfoliator
  • Neutrogena HB water gel face gel
  • Rose Water (about R40 from Dischem)
  • A couple of hydrating face masks from Skin Republic and an amazing clay mask from Freeman Beauty, which I try to do at least once a week

My skincare routine: I wash my face every day with the cleanser. Twice a week I exfoliate; more than twice and my skin will break out, and less than twice my skin has dead skin cells living on it, which we don’t want… The exfoliator is very subtle and feels like a gel with little gel balls that snuggle your face. I’ve learnt the hard way, but never rub too hard when you exfoliate because it can actually damage your skin.

Rose water has many useful factors such as that it is very moisturising and can be used as a toner, so I will use this after my face wash, mostly between the exfoliations; not too often. Tip: before pouring some rose water onto a cotton pad, I’d advise you just wet the pad with water first. That way, the rose water isn’t too harsh on your skin. After that I may or may not use a firming eye gel sample (you should get yourself a nice one!) and then slather on my hydrating face gel. I really love to go ham with this product; rub it all over my face and then pat it in a little to make sure it stays.

One more thing I would love to start incorporating into my regime would be a lovely hydrating serum, which I would apply at night time. I recently found a Vitamin E one in The Body Shop, but haven’t seen any others yet.

Thank you for popping in to read this post; I hope it was informative enough for you and that you find something amazing that works for you. I’d also advise that before you go out and buy a range like this, you be sure what your skin type is so that you don’t use something that is ill-suited.

Until next time, love yo’skin



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