Big and bold: a fashion statement

December 14, 2018

Hello friends

I’m so excited to show you this outfit. I love it because it’s so bold! I know it’s often scary for big girls to wear bold colours, and I’ve spoken on this matter before. But GIRL! Its time. It’s time to let your bold flag fly (why does that sound so lame?).

I love a two piece because you get two items that match perfectly, and you can wear each item with other things in your wardrobe – talk about versatility! I was going to wear it just as is, but then I accidentally noticed how cute the red looked against the blue stripes because it picked up the darker blue shade. Because of this, I chose to keep the shoe pretty neutral, also to not take any attention away from the outfit itself, and I must say I love this decision.

It really is easy to wear bold colours and/or patterns. If you feel uncomfortable about it, you can always start with adding small things in, like maybe a colourful silk scarf added to your favourite handbag, a bold scrunchie, or maybe even a shirt. Or just go all in; whatever you do, don’t let anybody dim your light!!

I hope you enjoy the look.

Until next time.

Much self-love,



Two piece // Donna

Kimono // Foschini

Heels // Woolworths (Studio W)

Photography // Charis Davey

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