How to wear a wrap dress 2 ways

May 3, 2019

Hello again. I am so glad to be back with a post, since I have been somewhat silent on here for a good month or so. I am very grateful to have been gifted the wrap dress mentioned throughout this post, by LeeBex (@lee_bex on Instagram).

I’m coming at you with wrap dress realness and everyday wear! Let’s get into it.

I am (and always will be) a sneaker/flats girl. I have some heels and they’re cute, but I find that my lifestyle just doesn’t need all the cute heels so I prefer to steer clear of them, for now. I’d say I have what’s at least a basic necessity when it comes to heels. Anyway… this dress I styled two ways: closed and open. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, it is!

When wearing the dress properly wrapped, I chose to wear it with white sneakers as I feel a white sneaker keeps the look super clean and adds a fresh edge (call it street style if you will: my research inspo pics did). If you prefer a more formal look, I’d recommend a pair of nude or black heels. For a more neutral vibe (like a hybrid of formal and casual), I’d do a great pair of block-heeled black boots. I added silver school hair clips to add a surprise to the look (not at all because I’ve always wanted a cool side shot of my head with those clipped in), since they’re having a moment and I wanted in on the trend. But in all honesty, I actually love it! I’m just a more simple accessories/jewelry-type person so I don’t get those massive pearly ones because I know I’ll hardly ever wear them, even though I think they’re stunning!

For the second look I chose to open the wrap dress and have it serve as a duster jacket of sorts, tucking the wrap pieces into the back of my jeans (yes, this actually worked really well). As you can see I kept the outfit very simple, inclusive of a fitted white tee, black jeans and black slides. These black slides are a year old, and funny enough people are still into them, as am I. They’re a super easy way to chic up an outfit in my opinion. Ultimately, I let this leopard print dress just speak for itself with this outfit. Once again, you could wear a lovely pair of boots with this look, or sneakers if you prefer. Just remember to keep it easy going so as not to take away from the main component: the print!

I kept my makeup very chilled, just bronzed and glowy, adding a pop of red to my lips because what is leopard print without red lipstick?! My choice in bag was also a relaxed one, and it also just added some variation and texture to the overall look, while keeping in tune with the colour palette of my outfit (b&w).

WAIT THERE’S MORE: the fabric on this dress is unreal. It is a warm-but-not-too-warm, thick-but-not-too-thick, comfortable, caress your skin type situation and the overall quality of this dress just about justifies the price tag it comes with. In my opinion paying this much money for a dress that you can wear two ways means you get more out of it, in turn saving you money no?

Thanks for checking out this post, I hope you enjoyed it!

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